Walmart Savings on Yellow Tag Markdowns

Walmart pizza discount

You can save money at Walmart by taking advantage of the yellow tag markdowns.
Every morning I go for a walk-through Walmart looking for the yellow tags. Every yellow tag you find will save you money. We find lots of great deals and buy what we need for that day. Everything that has a sell by date is a possibility. Meats, breads and pastries are usually where you’ll find most of the discount deals. But you can find lots of discontinued items for sale also. Look for the yellow tags. The yellow tags mean you have a deal.

Some folks will tell you don’t buy old food you’ll get sick. That isn’t true. You have to be careful. If the meat is off color and if the bread is hard as a rock don’t buy it. I buy marked down meat with the yellow tag when it looks good. We always make sure to cook that meat that same day.

It is marked down so people will buy it. Walmart wants to sell the product, not throw it away. They would rather sell it to someone at a discount. That means when I buy an item that has been marked down, I’m helping Walmart and myself!

The bread that you find on the yellow tag rack it still good. We use it for toast and bread pudding. There are lots of deals to be had if your eyes and mind are open.

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Rick 2023/8