Dirty Fan Cleaning is Hard

Vornado fan

Dirty fan cleaning is a big problem for me it’s not easy to get inside of a fan.
The design makes it difficult. The blades are always dirty because they catch hair and dust.
Once the blade gets too much stuff on it, it doesn’t blow air well.

Big Dirty Fan

So, you can see the dirty mess but how do you get inside to clean it?
I’ve gone so far as to pull all the screws out and take the fan apart.
It’s about the only way to clean it properly.
I’ve tried long artist paint brushes also an air-compressor.
The brush will work but you’ll have limited success.
Some YouTube folks have also tried solving this problem, Click here.
The manufactures aren’t helping us with this.
Maybe they figure we’ll just throw the dirty one out and buy another.
If that’s what they think then they don’t know about frugal folks.
We fix and clean everything!

Cleaning a fan video on YouTube!
More #FrugalWay fix and clean ideas.
Rick 2023/8