Can Golf Carts fix everything!

Electric golf cart

Golf carts are all over the place. People use them in places other than the golf course.
So, the question is why can’t we use them in the city?
They would help in many ways. Think about the possibilities.
Pros of golf carts,
– Small don’t take up much space.
– They don’t go very fast, might have fewer bad accidents.
– They cost less most cars and trucks.
– No gas is being used in the most golf carts.
– Way less air pollution.
– Very quiet and that sounds great!

Instead, our cities are filled with gas guzzling vehicles. All stopped in traffic waiting for a light.
Just breathing air in the city can make you sick! Plus, every car and truck is producing heat!
Do we need any more heat in the city or anywhere else? A golf cart could fix so many of these problems.

Why can’t we use Golf Carts?

I’ve read that you need to have the speed limit set to 20 miles per hour to use golf carts!
I don’t see that as a problem because when I look around everyone is STOPPED!
The Daily Car Blog has an interesting article about golf carts you might want to check out.

Such a shame we all use gas guzzlers and run the air-conditioners while stuck in a traffic jam.
Such an easy fix is obvious. What is wrong with all these government’s that won’t allow it.

People should have more options. Here in Florida the people voted for more mass transit. We didn’t get it. Now we have three times more cars on the road. You start the day in traffic and then you wait in more traffic on the way home!

It would be a quick easy fix for the government to allow people to use their golf carts on the city streets.
Everyone wins when that happens. Ban cars and trucks except for late at night deliveries.

Getting around with a golf cart.

Think about it, four lanes for cars could be six lanes for golf carts!
I know nothing will change and that is too bad. There could be a lot of fixes for congestion and pollution with easy simple changes to the way we live.

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Rick 2023/8