DIY mini-Camper 2

This camper was built on a Norther Tool 8′ x 5′ utility trailer. I extended the floor over the trailer frame in each direction. The height was about 5″6″ inside. It was ok to standup in but wasn’t the best.
On this camper I installed two 100-watt solar panels. A 12VDC AGM battery was used and was connected to a 500-watt sinewave inverter. That system worked great for us. It kept the small refrigerator working all the time we used it. This was a better built trailer that the first camper. But I still had problems with it. Unknown to me rainwater was getting inside the walls. There were small cracks at the corner of the window frames I didn’t see. Water got inside there. Eventually mildew and root set in. I couldn’t see the problem until it was too late. We did get to enjoy the camper for 2 years.

The Materials
The outside plywood was 3/8″ exterior and the interior was 1/8 Luan. The total weight of the trailer was about 1,400 pounds. I changed the original wheels that came with the trailer from 13″ to 14″. That wasn’t hard to do and gave us better ground clearance. Remembering that the marine polyurethane didn’t work on the first camper I decided to paint this one. The thought was painted houses last awhile.
Everything went great for about 2 years. Then the water problems started. The roof never leaked. The Lanco RV roof sealant is the best! The next build will be completely painted with the RV sealer.

This video is from Palo Duro Canyon in Texas about 20 miles south of Amerillo.

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Rick 2023/8