DIY mini camper 8’x4′ 5′ high inside.

Camper 1, the first build.
This camper was built on a Harbor Freight 8′ x 4′ utility trailer. It was 5 feet high inside and had three doors and 2 windows. It was tight inside, but it worked, and we both enjoyed it.
The camper weight in about 1,100 lbs. and was very easy to transport. It was light enough to move it by hand into a tight location.

I used 1/4″ Luan plywood on the exterior and 1/8″ plywood on the interior.
I finished the whole camper using Minmax Helmsman marine polyurethane. Several coats were applied, and it looked good. Just over a year later I started to notice problems with the finish. It didn’t hold up to the sun and rain. I didn’t last much longer before I had to take the camper apart. It was very disappointing for us. So, we decided to build Camper 2 using all the stuff we learned from this build. It was going to be better!

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]
I’ll be glad to answer whatever I can.

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Rick 2023/8