Organizing too many pictures

Directories of pictures

How I organized all my pictures.
I decided to organize my pictures. I didn’t know how much work that would be, but I knew it had to be done. The first thing to do was put all the digital pictures and videos onto a hard drive. Then make a backup copy of that mess so I don’t lose anything. These digital pictures were all over every computer and tablet I ever owned. It was a very big project just to get them all onto one drive. Also, I had to try and get the pictures into the proper year and month for later sorting. It ended up being thousands of pictures each month and most of those pictures were not worth saving. That meant I had to look at each picture and decide, delete, or save!

So, I made a directory for each year. Then in the year directory I created 12 monthly directories.
Then as I determined which day of the month the pictures were taken, I created a day directory.
I put each picture into the proper year, month, and day directory. This process took months to complete!

Now for Scanning.

Then I collected all the hard printed pictures from everywhere. This ended up in many boxes of prints to work through. I purchased a Brother iPrint & Scan ADS-1700W scanner to digitize all those pictures. But, before I could scan a picture all the pictures had to be sorted into year, month, and day. Again, that took many days to compete. Once that was all sorted out, I started scanning all the pictures. I had to figure out how to set up the scanner to get the best digital image and put all the pictures into the right date on the hard drive.

After many months of work, I’m starting to see the benefits.
Another thing I had to do was make a word processor file with a list of all the pictures.
Each line in the word processor told the date and contents of each directory.
If you don’t make the list, you’ll never find the photo again, make a list.


Don’t put off sorting out your photos. It will take you longer than you know to get finished.
When you are not around and your kids find these pictures, they will be thankful for all your work.
PS, make sure you make two or three backup copies of your external pictures hard drive.

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