Aldi Buys Winn Dixie and Harvey’s!

Aldi Grocery Store

Aldi buys Winn Dixie grocery stores including Harvey’s, expanding their presence in the southeast.
Today’s big announcement of Aldi’s purchase of Winn Dixie and Harvey’s is good news.
I have said it before, Aldi is the best and they just got better.
All the great deals at Aldi will soon be found in more stores.

Will Winn Dixie stores change to Aldi like stores in appearance? Aldi’s has a great reputation in the southeast. More people might start going into the Winn Dixie and Harvey’s locations.
Aldi a German company is flourishing and competing well with other big grocery retailers.

Changes are coming to Winn Dixie.

There will soon be better deals for everybody. Adli stores in our area don’t have a working deli with hot food, Winn Dixie does. That will be a big change. Aldi stores are small compared to Winn Dixie stores. It will be interesting to see how it will all work out.

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Rick 2023/8/17