Coupons Save Money

Coupons Save Money

Coupons save money on lots of items you need and use every day. My favorite day of the week is Wednesday because that’s when the postman delivers coupons. I look forward each week to seeing what deals I’m going to find. Some of my favorite coupons are from Burger King, McDonalds, Arby’s, and pizza places. We always use as many breakfast coupons as we can.

Did you know that you can find lots of coupon savings online. You don’t have to wait for the Sunday News Paper or the mailman to come. has lots of coupons deals, Check it out.
We receive coupons constantly from Home Depot and we use those coupons to save hundreds of dollars on big ticket items.
Sam’s Club and Bj’s are sending us coupons every month. They want us to come in and buy something using those coupons.

We use coupons when we travel!

Coupons save money when we are traveling and to stay at a hotel or motel. At the rest stops along the way coupons are always in sight. You must be careful with the hotel coupons. There have been times when the hotel wouldn’t honor their own coupons. Always call ahead to check that way you won’t waste any time.

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