Refrigerate your pills.

Refrigerated Pills

Refrigerate your pills and they will last longer. Sometimes you have pills that you don’t need now but you might need them later. If you leave them out at room temperature, they will go bad.

To extend the usefulness of the pills we put them in the refrigerator.
To get an even longer time we will put them in the freezer.

There is an expiration date on everything. But if you lower the temperature the chemical reactions slow down. The colder the temperature the slower the reaction. That’s why we put food in the refrigerator. Pills also last longer when stored at lower temperatures. If you slow down the chemical reaction rate you can extend the life of your pills. If you put them in the freezer they are in a suspended state. They could last a very long time.

But as in everything life has twists. There are lots of drugs you can’t extend the life of.
Drugs that are liquid are problematic and shouldn’t be used past the expiration date.
The website has a good article on drug expiration dates, check it out, Click Here.
The pills we are currently using are placed in the refrigerator on the door.

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