Cooking and Air-Conditioning.

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Cooking and air-conditioning at the same time in the same room is not smart or frugal.
The object is to save money and do things right. Why are you using the air-conditioner and
the stove in the same place?

At our home we cook outside in the summertime. I’ve set up an area in the garage where we can cook.
There is a propane camping stove and an induction cooker. There is a regular electric oven and an
Air-Fryer also. We use them every day out in the garage. That keeps the heat out of the house where we try to keep cool.

In the south it gets very hot outside. So, I’ve put 1 inch Styrofoam on all the windows and glass door.
I used duct tape to keep the foam in place. Nothing strong and long lasting because it’s all coming down soon. The foam will stay there until October. That is when the temperatures will come down. At that time, we will start cooking inside the house again.

Cooking with the Air-Conditioner

If you live in the south and can cook outside in the summer, you might want to consider it. You will lower your electric bill and keep the house cooler and more comfortable.

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Rick 2023/8/17