My photography from around America. I have traveled to almost every state and have taken many pictures. These pictures here are the ones that I consider to be the best of the bunch.
My camera equipment is a Canon T3i and Canon 70D. Both cameras are APS-C sensors. 
Lenses I use are 18-135mm, 75-250mm and my favorite 100-400mm Canon zoom.
For more on Photography Click Here.   I have some favorite YouTube photographers that I watch.
They offer lots of helpful information and you might like their videos. 
Check out:
Simon d’Entremont, Simon is a professional photographer from Canada and focuses on wildlife photography. He offers lots of information on how to take better pictures. Definitely worth checking out.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup, these folks have lots of reviews of camera equipment. They show all the various pros and cons with different camera brands. They also talk about lenses and how to use them.