Recycling isn’t so easy.

Recycling Trash Bins

Did you know that recycling isn’t easy? Only certain things can be recycled.
Plastics, bottles and cans can’t have labels on them. All items must be cleaned before recycling.

Not all plastics are equal. There are different types of plastic, and some can’t be recycled.
They can be sorted by type; bottles, jugs, jars and so-on. All must be washed and dried.
Then they can be put out for collection. Also make sure the caps are back on the bottles.


Always recycle batteries because the chemicals inside are bad for the environment. 
Recycle them at Home Depot, Lowe’s and many other places. Car batteries should be returned to the auto store. There is a core charge, and you might get some money.


Motor oils can be returned to the auto part store for proper recycling.


You should return them to a tire store and pay for proper recycling. These are very dangerous to leave outside. Rodents and insects will live in them. Tires are a great place to grow mosquitoes.


Paint is considered a hazardous material and must be disposed of properly.
Contact your local recycling facilities to learn what to do. If it’s just a small amount of paint
I will dump it out onto cardboard. Once dried you can put into the regular trash.


Most metals can be recycled. Remove labels, clean and dry cans.
Aerosol cans can be recycled once they’re empty. Remove any plastic cap.


Cardboard and paper are recyclable.  Pizza boxes can be recycled but not the leftover pizza inside.  Flatten all boxes. If paper is wet or dirty you should compost it or throw it into your regular trash.


All glass can be recycled. When we lived in Pelham NH many years ago, we had to
separate the glass by color. You need to check with your local recycle facilities.

Plastic Identification

What does it mean when you see a triangle with a number inside it on the plastic bottles?
Plastic Market Info from Click Here EPA

Plastic Chart

Plastic Bags

Return them to the store they came from.

Plastic wraps & Plastic Bags

Plastic wrap, bubble wrap, sandwich bags and freezer bags should NOT go in the recycle bin.

Potato & Corn Chip Bags

You can’t recycle chip bags because they are made from more than just plastic.

Cups that have a coating

You can’t recycle cups that are coated with wax or plastic.
Covers for the cups all should be put in the regular trash.

Plastic To-Go Containers

Polystyrene foam containers and cups are made of non-recyclable materials and are NOT acceptable in the curbside recycling program. Put into regular trash.

Packing Peanuts

Peanuts aren’t recyclable either, however some shipping stores will take peanuts back for reuse.


We should all do what we can to improve the environment. This will help our kids to have a better future.
But it isn’t easy because we make so much trash every day. I believe the way to start recycling is to
start with the easyiest thing you can do. That will help train your brain to think about the process.
As time goes on, you’ll get better at what and how to recycle.

Resources Waste Management          Government EPA

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Rick Mercier 2023/8/15