Aldi is the best Grocery Store to save money in Florida

Aldi Grocery Store

This is my opinion of the best way to save money buying food in the Tampa Bay area. We have big chain stores here like Aldi, Save-a-lot, Walmart, Publix and more are all here. But where can you get the best price when shopping? The stores all have their market niche and deals. If you’re frugal and careful you can find lots of ways to save money. But I like Aldi most for the great deals and money savings there.

Publix       Publix Website
This store is all over the southeast. They are a high-end expensive store. The items they sell are all very good, top in class. The stores are super clean and modern. People with good incomes and are not worried about overspending will mostly shop at Publix. As for this frugal family, we limit our trips there. However, the deli at Publix has the best subs. It’s worth the trip. If you are planning to shop there look for coupons and buy the Bogos. 
I think Publix is the most expensive grocery store in Florida.

Winn Dixie      Winn Dixie Website You can find some good deals here, but you must do your homework before buying. Things can get expensive fast. They have great sales every week. Every Wednesday we get a flyer from Winn Dixie in the mail. You can find great BOGOs and see the weekend deals. It’s a must read in our home. We take advantage of these sales when possible.

Sprouts     Sprouts Website Weekly Ads
This is a specialty store selling all the best produce they can find. The store is expensive to shop at. The meat section is about the same as Walmart. This is not a frugal kind of store to shop at, but deals can be found. The best deals at Sprouts are the slightly older produce. Each morning our frugal friends look for all the Manager’s mark downs. They cannot keep produce that is not in the best condition. This is where we can save money. They mark it down and we buy it. It is a win, win for all.

Walmart and Walmart Neighborhood Stores      Walmart Website
What can I say about this store. It’s always great to stop there and look for special deals. Every morning they markdown food from yesterday. All this food is still very good, but they don’t leave it on the shelf. We always take advantage of these savings. The only condition of the purchase is you must cook or eat it soon.

Save-a-Lot        Save-a-lot Website Weekly Ads
Now this is a frugal buyers store. You can find lots of great produce and meats. All are priced to make you happy. Frugal shoppers always stop at Save-a-Lot. They don’t have large quantities of items, just the basics. Food we all eat each day. This is a no-frills shopping experience; you should bring your own bags.

Aldi (our Favorite)       Aldi Website Weekly Ads
All our frugal friends shop here for great deals.  These stores are smaller but packed with all the things you’re looking for. Although you won’t find name brands. Adli’s brands are great. The produce is good, but you might not find everything you might be looking for. The meat and dairy section are also good. Overall, this is the place for frugal people to save money, check it out.
Make sure you bring bags and a quarter for the shopping cart!

Special mention.
Tarpon Discount Grocery    Discount Grocery Website on Facebook
This is a relatively new store and it’s a great grocery thrift store. 
It’s located on Alt 19 in Tarpon Springs near the Ace Hardware store.
They have lots of cakes, cookies, candy and other sweet treats there.
But if you carefully look around you can find some awesome deals.
They don’t have a lot of brand name foods but it’s all still good.
We like to check out the frozen food section, lots of good deals.
This kind of store isn’t for everyone but if you’re frugal this is a place to check out.