T-Fal pans are they good?

T-Fal frying pans

I was visiting my brother-in-law and noticed he was cooking with a T-Fal pan. It was a non-stick pan and seemed to work well. So, I bought two T-Fal frying pans at Walmart and started cooking. I’ve used these pans for several years. I can say they are great if you know how to use them. There were times when the grand kids used them and put the stove on high heat. The high temperature of the stove destroyed the non-stick coating. These pans can only be used on medium heat, around 380 degrees. There is a red circle in the center of the pan. This circle will change color when the pan is at the proper temperature for cooking. Also, the pans should only be cleaned with a sponge and detergent. Never use a steel wool pad.

I purchased another pan and used it for years cooking under 400 degrees. To this day the pans are still in good condition. I would buy another if needed but, these are still going strong.
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