Emeril Lagasse Non-Stick Pans are Great!

Emeril Lagasse non-stick pans

I purchased two Emeril Lagasse non-stick pans at Walmart. The prices were good, and the pans looked great. They are induction compatible.  I love my induction cooktop. Cooking food in these pans was a wonderful experience. Nothing sticks to the pans, and they cleaned up easily with a sponge.

I believe that using the induction cooktop is best for these pans. The reason is the temperature doesn’t get too hot. The heat of the kitchen stove is too high and destroys pans. You should never use a kitchen stove hotter than the medium heat setting.

I have been using these pans for over two months and they are still like new. I only use them on the induction cooktop. I think they will last a very long time. For more reviews go to “Reviews“.
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