Mini Campers and sharing good ideas!

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If you have ideas on saving money, traveling cheap your opinion is welcomed.
I would like your input thoughts and ideas, share them.
Now retired I have lots of time to consider new things that will make life easier,
less costly and reduce my footprint on this earth. We enjoy traveling but don’t want
to use a big truck to move a large camper.  So I decided to try building a mini
Camper Trailer! I bought a basic 8×4 foot trailer from Harbor Freight and got started.
Everything went better than anticipated and it only took about 6 weeks to build.
Not knowing what I was doing I really built the camper twice!
I have been using Pinterest to get ideas on small campers and have pictures
there of our new mini Camper Trailer. Check out the Frugal Way Camper on
I’m planning to make more trailers this summer. All will be similar to this but maybe
a little bigger 8x5ft. The only real goal is simple, light weight and easy to tow with a small
car, van or SUV. Also the doors are big enough that you can get in and out with banging your
head and knees. The camper is 5 feet high so you don’t feel like your in a small box.
Screen doors let the air pass through and feels great.
I should have more pictures of the new campers shortly.

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