YouTube folks we like to watch 2018-6

Youtubers We Follow

2018-6   FrugalWay channel 
Karen and I started to watch a lot of YouTube lately and found some very interesting
folks put videos up. I had no idea that people were actually running their own channels.
I’ve made list of the folks we like to follow give them a watch I think you like them.
Most of the videos we watch are folks living in vans or living on the road.
They travel to see places and enjoy folks they met along the way.
Plus they living that way to save money, lots of money. I saw a video of a woman
living in a minivan on $250 a month and having no problems!
Make me wonder why so many people work so hard for so little.

Because of what we see on youtube we started our own channel there.
It’s a long ways from having many subscribers and we a just learning how to
make videos.

On YouTube we subscribe to and some others;

Caravan Carolyn’s: channel, she is a single woman living in a van.
She is clearly enjoying her life in a very frugal way!

Panda Monium, She is very good at videos and interesting to watch.
She and the folks that travel with her nearly always find a FREE place
to park their RVs.

Destination Open Road;  These folks are newly retired and on the road
with Panda Monium. She as an artistic eye and the travel to interesting

Roll with it bus bus conversion folks. These young people are from
California and are traveling around America in a school bus they
built. The first thing they do when they stop is find a coffee shop.
Their future intentions are to open their own coffee cafe.

Bridget Fabel This young lady is going places, she is focused on outdoor life
and her fishing and hunting. She sells a line of clothes that she developed
that works into her out door personality.

Gone with the Wynns;  This couple has made a life out of traveling,
interesting to watch. There hasn’t been any update in a couple of years.

SimplyRVing, She lives in central Florida and travels around America.

Tim Harrell  He shots videos of wild live in southern Florida. He sets out
trail cameras and waits about 3 months to fetch them and watch.

Carolyn’s RV Life, She is traveling around in a class C camper. Living on the
west coast side of the USA. She is currently heading towards Alaska with
her dog.

Interstellar Orchard Becky Slade is the person behind this channel.
She has been on the road in her Casita Camper for years. She has
written book about living in a camper she sells on Amazon.

Southern Goodness, She is living in Charleston SC and is preparing to
live in her van. She is in the process of setting it all up.

Drivin and Vibin

Little House on Wheels

Evie Nova, I like her name! She is a young woman working in Seatle WA area.
Also she is living in a van. She is very artfully inclined with her videos.

Nomadic Fanatic, He is a fanatic on traveling and very good a shooting videos.

CheapRVliving, He goes all around the west interviewing folks about how they
live so cheap! You learn a lot about living cheap from Bob.


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