Wednesday is coupon day in Palm Harbor

Coupons to use

My Wednesday afternoon ritual is to get the mail and a cup of coffee and go through the coupons. There are lots of treasures to be found in the pile of mail the postman leaves us. That’s why Wednesday is coupon day here.

Coupons to Watch for

Some of my favorite coupons are;
Burger King, Chinese buffet, Arby’s, Jersey Mike, Wendy’s, Shake n Steak and many more. We use these coupons as often as possible.
Just today we used a Burger King breakfast coupon.
2 croissant egg sandwiches, 2 tater tot packs and two cups of coffee all cost less than $5.50 with the tax!

McDonald's Coupons Arby's Coupon

Denny's Coupons

Pizza Hut Coupons
Internet Coupons

Remember Wednesday is not the only day you get coupons. Online you can find coupons that are great and more diverse.
A good website to checkout for coupons is “The Krazy Coupon Lady“. She has deals on lots of items in many of the big chain companies.

Another money saving site is Groupon. We have used lots of coupons from this website. A few years ago we even picked up a long weekend camping at General Coffee State Park in Georgia. It was a great deal and a nice place to hangout for the weekend. Click Here to read about our time at General Coffee.

Best Coffee

The two best places for coffee and breakfast in the morning are Burger King and McDonald’s. Not everyone will agree. We find Starbucks coffee is too strong and Dunkin Donuts is too weak. Burger King’s breakfast sandwiches are very good and McDonald’s breakfast burritos are great. Occasionally we have found a Wendy’s open for breakfast. We have tried their breakfast and it is good. However, there are only a few Wendy’s open for breakfast.  There is a one at the end of our street and we go there often. We love Wendy’s chili and burgers but no breakfast at this location. One more thing about these fast food restaurants they all have phone apps.
Many of the apps offer discounts you should checkout.

When we get our bill at the Chinese Buffet and they discount the price: all the food seams to taste a little better!

More Favorites

Another favorite coupon to take advantage of is Arby’s. I’ll go out of my way to get the FREE ONION RINGS and the two sandwiches for $6.00. That makes a great lunch for us and the cost is right.

We enjoy getting coupons for Pizza Hut. We like the food and the coupon price makes it even better.

Being frugal is using all those coupons when ever you can. Saving money is easier than earning more. Also make sure you always ask for a senior discount! A great website for seniors to check out is
The Senior List“. They have a large list of companies that offer discounts.

Rick Mercier Jan 28/2020
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