Washington State Fair in Puyallup Lots To Do

Saturday Sept 1st 2018
On our way back to the Elk’s Lodge in Puyallup Washington Roxanne told us that
the Washington State Fair opened. The folks of Washington threw us a state fair!
There were too many cars on the road so we decided to walk over to the fair.
It was a 2 mile walk and we planned to hang around for a couple hours.
Almost seven hours later we started back to the camper.

While there we walked through an arts building that was inspirational.
I want to get my paints out and start something, but what?
We saw quilt makers and real artist creations.

We walked through the farm areas and saw all the animals and
plant harvest. Very interesting and beautifully displayed.

The first show we saw was “The Shoppe” from Austin Texas.
They played all kinds of music, country, doo wop and more.

Walking around we heard Michael Jackson singing! We went over to check it
out and there he was, right on the stage. It was “MJ Live” from Las Vegas.
What an amazing show they put on.

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