Trojan Horse; Trojan.Kotver!lnk, Trojan.Kotver hard to remove

Well somehow I managed to get 15 virus and 17 Trojan Horses
on my computer! This is a relatively new computer with very little
in it so I was very surprised at the number of problems.
It all started when I was searching some websites
and the Chrome browser said this isn't a good site.
Well that was it; they put all kinds of stuff in my computer.
I noticed that Norton's was suddenly telling me I have a 
Trojan.Kotver!lnk in my computer. So I ran a system scan and
it found 15 viruses and 17 malware items in my computer.
It was able to remove all but one in the “Safe Mode”.
I couldn't get Trojan.Kotver@lnk out. I took some research 
but I found a tool on Symantec to fix it.
They didn't tell me about the tool in their description of the
Trojan Horse. There was a lot about running system
scans and that was all, it didn't work.
Eventually I found Symantec tool
and used it and was successful. 

Symantec (Norton's) Trojan.Kotver removal tool;  Click Here

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