Traveling Cheap in RVs and Vans Part 2

Traveling Cheap Part 2


Focus on the basics and then rethink it.  Pack Lightly!
Here is were most folks get crazy and over do it packing everything they
think they’ll possible need. Simply speaking just pack what you’ll really need
for a few days worth of clothes. There are lots of laundry mats in every town
and most of those places offer free WIFI! You most likely won’t be going out to
restaurants everyday so you’ll save money and won’t need lots of going out clothes.

Things we bring with us in the small Gypsy Wagon:
First of all the camper has most of what you need from day to day.
There is already a stove, plates, bowls etc. and we also pack some food mostly dry
but some canned goods too. There is a small refrigerator for food that must be kept cold.
We do carry an emergency cooler Kodi (similar to Yeti) and we fill it with the dry food.

Personal Stuff:
Few days worth of clothes. Also some toiletries like handy wipes and razors.
Reading material; few books (nature books; birds, plants animals) and Kindles.
Wires to charge our electronics as the camper has USB outlets.
Earphones so I can listen to the radio without bothering folks (Karen specifically).
Portable Ryobi Fan and the battery charger.
A paper map, Rand McNally or something like it, sometimes phones don’t connect.
Walkie Talkies because while hiking phones seldom work out that far from cites.
Handheld GPS and also a pocket compass, batteries can die!
All our batteries are rechargeable and we do have to take the battery charger.

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