TRASH We have too much!

I’m trying to save money and I realized that trash was a good meter on how much we spend. The more trash the more money gone and that’s not frugal. Plus you pay more money to get all the trash taken away! The focus should be on stopping the trash and saving money. Automatically save money and reduce environmental damage how good is that! Take an honest look at how much packaging trash you bring home each week.

Imagine if you could stop some of the trash from coming to your house.
I bet you could think up some way to reduce some trash. That would equal less work for you and some extra money in your pocket.

I’m looking into whether you can really save money and reduce trash using bulk market stores. Here in Florida we have some bulk food markets and I’m going to pay them a visit.

Plastic containers for reuse
Don’t through these plastic containers away try to reuse them. Recycling is always a better plan then just throwing them away.

Another idea is to re-use some the junk coming in. I re-use all the plastic containers and glass jars. That works a little but next week I’ll have twice as many! A problem that I ran into using plastic containers is I can’t see what’s inside them. I look into the refrigerator and see 3 Sour Cream containers
and who knows what’s inside? For more ideas on reusing stuff check out some videos from YouTube; Click Here.
I watched a video on YouTube on how to reduce trash. The women had lots of good ideas and I’m going to try some.
If you search YouTube “Zero Waste”.

More ways to save some money in FrugalWay “Ways To Save“.
Being a minimalist isn’t easy.  Homeless folks manage it with ease.
If you are interested in more about how to be a minimalist I found a website called BeMoreWithLess. They have a 7 step process to learn and  incorporate less in your life,

Rick Mercier Jan 16/2020

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