Too many trees and animals are gone, BURNT!

The news now in January 2020 is Australia is burning and nearly ½ billion animals may be dead! That number includes thousands of Koala’s. The area that has been destroyed by fire is unbelievable to think about. Thousands of square miles are affected. Imagine how many trees are gone.  They are in their summer months in the southern hemisphere and they are baking alive. Fires are burning everywhere and animals are dying. When are we going to start to address this crisis?  At this point, with global warming and fires everywhere, we are going to need more trees fast.
Here is a map of the fires in Australia
Australia Fire Map

My wife Karen and I have been driving all over America the last few years. We noticed that there is just not enough trees.  Out West you will see a tree all alone in miles of empty grass land.  You see cows all gathered under one lone tree trying to cool off. The rest are baking in the sun. I wonder why PeTA is not concerned for their welfare.No Trees

If you PLANT a TREE  the earth will be better for your effort. We owe our kids a better future than what we are leaving them now.

We need to come up with a master plan to start growing as many new trees as possible. Look at the loss of trees over the last few years because of fires. California, Amazon, Alaska, Europe and now New Zealand and Australia all have burnt. At this point with global warming and fires everywhere we have already lost too many trees.

In the news recently there are reports that China ( video1,  video2 ) and India ( video-Trees in India ) have planted over a billion trees each!
There are satellite photos of those countries from years ago comparing them to now. Years ago the countries looked brown in satellite photos. Now you can see lots of green.  It shows that they are tackling the problem.

We need to follow their examples. Other countries have to step up and do their part, as well. Remember how nice it is to sit under a tree in the summer. The shade is a nice cool place to wait for the sun to go down and it also helps to slow down the water evaporation. Trees take CO2 out of the air so they can grow and they also give us oxygen to breathe.

That shade is cooling the earth on its own small scale.  Think about what a billion more trees can do. We probably lost over a billion trees in the fires over the last few years. Governments are not talking about plans to fix the lost of trees. We can’t wait for the government to act because they are mostly incompetent. We have to help each other make a difference in our own small way, it will add up fast.

In Nebraska there is a small forest called Charles E Bessey National Park. This park was grasslands and Charles Bessey decide to plant trees on the land. Now it’s a national park. Folks visit every year to camp and enjoy the trees. to find more information on Charles E Bessey Nursery click here.  They ship seedlings of Douglas Pines and Ponderosa Pines all over the country from there.

I suggest that we all support organizations working on planting more trees.
Here is a list of those that are trying to make a difference.
A living tribute
The Nature Conservancy Give the Gift of Trees
One Tree Planted
Dr. James Borrell Tree Planting and forest conservation charities
Plant a Tree Foundation
Organizations that offer free trees to the public Click Here
Team Trees Planting 20 million trees!    YouTube Video
There are many more folks also trying to plants trees, help them out please.

Rick Mercier
Jan 2020-1-7

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