Tiny Houses Smart Move; Maybe

My wife and I have been watching that TV show Tiny House Big Living for a couple of years.
Three years ago we bought an 18 foot Zoom Dutchman Trailer.
We bought a small trailer because we never stayed in an RV before.
So after living in the 18 foot trailer for many months I know a few things for sure.
First we acctually do live in an 18 foot trailer for months.
This year (2016) we will have stay in it for about 10 months.
Yes you  can easily live in a trailer, it has everything you need.
We think of it as alternative living and it’s a lot cheaper than a house.

We paid $7,500 for our little tailer and love it.
While we watch the folks on TV get their dream house built for $30K or $40K we watch
and wonder why nobody looks are real RVs. They offer much more for a lot less money.

Also all the trailers that are built on the show weight nearly 10,000 lbs or more!
They almost never put an air conditioner it them. You will need an air conditioner.
When they tell you the price was only $35,000 you don’t hear about the new truck
they will have to purchase to move it.

If you are considering downsizing and you should because you’ll save a lot of money.
Look into a good RV. Don’t go ordering a Tiny House from a contractor.
Friends of ours bought a 30 foot Primere Trailer with two slide outs for $25,000.
It’s as good as any of the Tiny Houses we have seen made.

Consider this;
We stayed in our little trailer in Florida for $225.00 per month plus electricity.
This was in the Inglis, Florida area. The electric bill was about $15 each month.
We used my MetroPCS cellphone for a hot spot for the Roku and life was good.
We  stayed 6 months in Pigeon Forge TN for $440 a month.
The price included; Cable TV, Internet, Water, Sewage and Dumperster!
Living in my house cost lots more than $440 a month. 

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