Tiny or Small home movement problems

Why are there not many more tiny homes in America?
Because many local governments are putting up obstacles to keep
tiny homes out of their towns. They have building codes that makes
sure no small homes are built there. Why you ask, because
tiny homes have lower real-estate taxes. Plus they might actually lower
the values of the nearby homes, that’s why!
All these obstacles while so many people are struggling to have a place
to live. Many purchasing home that they can afford.

I wanted to purchase some land in Inglis Florida for a small 400 square foot home.
I was surprised to learn that the local government was actively stopping small
home in their town. They set a floor of 1000 sq ft to keep small cottages and
mini homes out! Plus you can’t put an RV or park model home in the town.
They do everything they can to make sure no one moves into their town.
By forcing people to purchase larger homes also forces folks out of the area.
Even the children of the folks living there can’t buy a home in
the town they grew up in! In the case of Inglis Florida you must also connect
your home to their water and septic system. Here can’t move off the grid!
This adds another $10,000 to the cost and then you get a monthly
bill forever! So much for trying to get off the grid and lower your environmental
foot print.

Everything about these types of policy is wrong. People in the future will be
trying to make a smaller foot print and reduce their cost of living.
These towns won’t be included in the future unless the laws are changed.
You would think that town folks want to have their kids and parents
living nearby.

Places that want tiny homes.
There are some communities across America that does allow tiny houses.
Here is a list of some places with progressive building codes.

    California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York,
    Oregon and Texas. But not all towns and city allow tiny homes.

Here is a list of tiny house-friendly cities.
    Spur, Texas, Fresno CA, Walsenburg CO, Brevard North Carolina.

Some other places;
Boneyard Studios, Washington, DC  https://boneyardstudios.org/

Community First, Austin, TX   https://mlf.org/community-first/

Tiny House Village, Sonoma, CA 

Quixote Village, Olympia, WA   http://quixotevillage.com/

Caravan Tiny House Hotel, Portland, OR   http://tinyhousehotel.com/

Opportunity Village & Emeral Village Eugene, OR  

Tiny House Village, San Francisco, CA   http://tinyhousevillage.org/

Micro Community, Portland, OR

Dignity Village, Portland, OR

Second Wind, Ithaca, NY  https://www.secondwindcottages.org/

Occupy Madison Village, Madison, WI  https://occupymadisoninc.com/

Orlando Lakefront, Orlando FL, http://www.orlandolakefrontth.com/

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