The Price of Firewood

firewood bundles

The Price of Firewood

Camping is a time when you must have a fire. Everyone sitting around the camp fire telling tall stories.
Enjoying the heat and fighting the mosquitoes. It’s all great fun but look at the price of that firewood.
Some places sell a small bunch on firewood for nearly $10.

Firewood firewood bundles

We sometimes can find folks selling firewood bundles on the road for $5.00.
But there might be problems with buying that wood.
It’s illegal to move wood from one area to another because of the bugs.
The only wood you’re allowed to bring into a national parks is kiln dried.
This kiln dried wood has been treated and is bug free.

What to do?
So, this is what we do to save a little money while camping.
We stop at the big box store and buy a few 2x4s.
The low grade 2x4s cost less that $3 each and the boards are 8 feet long.
We’ll cut them down to about 15 inches and use this wood for the fire.

You get a little bundle of expensive wood sold by the local guy or you get
24 feet of 2x4s for under $10. This much wood will get you a couple of nights with fire.


Yes, there are better wood to burn but oak is expensive. Also it should be still in the ground growing.
The 2x8s are not the best firewood but it works and might one day save a big old oak tree.

What is the best wood to burn?

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Rick Mercier 3/17/2020


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