T-fal pans are the best!

Three years ago when we were in New Hampshire visiting
family I got the chance to use a T-fal pan.
My brother in-law bought it and said it works great, nothing sticks to it!
I was skeptical of that but it did work great. Well now threes later I was using the
same pan and still nothing would stick to it! The only thing we did was use it and
cleaned it with a little soap and a not very abrasive sponge.
If you want a great pan pick up one of these pans and don’t bother with the 
“As Seen On TV” pans. I’ve bought those and after a few uses everything stick.
We bought our pans at WalMart for about for about $28. WalMart T-fal link
Amazon also sell them; Amazon T-fal link




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