Supreme Court Decided, Online we pay sales taxes for every state!

The Supreme Court decided    Supreme court Ruling    June 2018

The conditions
According to the ruling if you have $100,000.00 in sales or
have 200 transactions in that state you need to collect taxes.

Online State sales taxes are for everyone.

Now all states will be able to charge sales taxes when vendors sell
online to people in their state. Think about that for a minute.
Now if you sell online you’ll have to know how much taxes to
charge each customer in every state and don’t forget city taxes.
Many municipalities also have taxes that now maybe charged.
Once you figure out how much tax money to collect from online
customers, you will then need to know when and where to send it!
That will be for all states.

Might be just too much for many small online businesses.
I don’t think many plan to figure out how much sales taxes are due
for each location across America. That maybe too much to ask.

I can see each state demanding all online vendors pay state taxes.
Not just companies that sell $100K or 200 transactions.
Also I could see the states saying you need a license to sell.
Imagine needing a license to sell in each state! What would be next?

If the government doesn’t stop this only the biggest companies
like Walmart and Amazon are going to be selling online.

The Losers are;
All small online vendors at are growing there businesses in America.
All the companies that process shipped items; USPS, FedEx and UPS.

The Winners
Amazon and Walmart!
Very small Artists & Crafts sellers will be good for now.

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