Small Business Basics Part 5 Shipping

Part 5
Small Business Shipping Basics Shipping

Shipping is a constant job
I have set up two tables in my shipping area for efficiency. One table for small
items and the other for large product.

I also had to allocate way too much room for boxes, bubble wrap and mailers.
I purchase some box tape dispensers. The best shipping tool is a 2 inch table
tape dispenser.

I ordered some rubber stamps to stamp the box with my
Frugal Way name. I also bought a “FRAGILE” stamp.
The “Fragile” stamp it’s very important.

Find a local supplier for packing material you’ll need lots of bubble wrap.
I buy 1/2 inch and 3/16 inch bubble wrap.
I used paper filler at one time but realized that paper
was much heavier than bubble wrap. Weight is a profit killer.

Always work at making your shipments lighter. I’ve taken boxes apart and
cut off the cardboard to save an ounce. When you get a package that
is 10lbs and 1oz. The shipment is round up to the next highest whole
number; 11 pounds. The price from 10lbs to 11lbs can be shocking.
So we cut off 1oz of cardboard. Getting the package back down
to 10lbs, saves money. UPS and FedEx calculates the shipping cost based
on the weight and girth of a box. Girth is length, width and height
measurements in inches.

If the item sold is less than 2 pounds I usually ship using the post office.
I create the postage label through PayPal, eBay or etsy.
Using PayPal to print USPS labels is easiest when you have lots to print.
if you make a mistake you can always cancel a label and buy another one.
You will get a refund but it takes some time.
If your printer doesn’t print the label you can always reprint it.

We setup a separate laser printer just for labels.
Use the the half sheet self sticking labels to make shipping labels.
The first print is on only half of the label paper.
Then I flip the paper and put it back into my printer for the next label.

Some Shipping Rules

Sometimes you’ll need to add insurance to a package you’re shipping.
UPS and FedEx automatically insures to $100.00.
When shipping through UPS and FedEx always declare the value of the item.
If you have to process a claim you should be okay if you declared the value.
If you are shipping an item worth more than $100 you should double box it.
Make sure that there is 2 inches between the inside box and the outside box
filled with bubble wrap, foam or peanuts. If you don’t take the extra effort
and something goes wrong your claim will be denied.

If the items doesn’t weigh much and isn’t expensive I use
the post office. You pay extra for insurance with USPS were UPS and FedEx
includes it up to $100.00.

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