Small Business Basics Part 4 Sales Marketing

Part 4
Small Business Basics Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing; the real part of making money.
Start with Flea Markets

Flea Markets are good but are very limiting and competitive.
I’ve calculated the cost per square foot in flea market and it’s not cheap.
In Florida and it was cheaper to rent a regular store. If rent a regular store and
use it 7 days a week it’s actually cheaper.
Remember flea markets are only open on weekends so there goes your weekends.
If you sell something on Monday that is still at the flea
market you’ll have to wait until next weekend to get it!
If you close your store you’ll have to figure out what to do with
that entire inventory. Flea markets are a good marketing opportunity if you
take advantage of all the people going by. If you have a website you can
promote that site and maybe make sales even when the market is closed.
I figure a well advertised yard sale is better.

Internet Selling
Now with the internet it’s a lot easier to sell your items than in the past.
You should look into ebay, Amazon and many other sites.
Most are nearly free to use! I’ll have more on this subject later.

One word of warning; be wary of consignments.
In the past stores would only offer consignments to local crafter’s.
This was a great opportunity to get free product for the store owner.
Plus they don’t have to pay you until you figure out something has sold.
Many times I had to chase the store own to get my money.
Consignments are a bad idea, you should think twice before doing it.

So you’re selling online and now you’ve got a sale what’s next.
Well if you are using PayPal they will send you a notice
that payment has been received.

Never send out any item until payments have been received.
Now what should you do? Print out a receipt for the customer and
put it into the shipment box. Pack the item properly so it doesn’t get
broken while in transit. I use lots of bubble wrap, find a supplier near you.
I make a receipt using an information that ebay supplies on their website.
All I do is copy the invoice and paste it into a word processor.
I paste the invoice twice onto one sheet of paper.
Then I cut the paper in half, placing the top half into the shipping box
for the customer. The bottom I keep for my records.
On the bottom part I write notes about shipping cost, weight, box size etc..

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