Small Business Basics Part 3 Product Prep

Small Business Basics Part 3 Product Prep

Sounds simple but it is so important. Cleaning an item properly, makes a big
difference when selling. You’ll need to take pictures of the item you’re going to
sell and the customer will look at those pictures. Pictures show every speck
of dust and streaks. No customer wants to see a dirty product when shopping.

You must become a profession cleaner.
I use rubbing alcohol and simple green detergent to clean most items.
Comet and rubbing alcohol works great on real dirty jobs and magic marker.
To remove tape glue I use WD40, this is a magic liquid use it.
I use a tooth brush to get into all the small cracks using rubbing alcohol.
The alcohol not only cleans dirt and grease it disinfects at the same time.

Also in my cleaning bin is a 2 inch wide paint brush to knock off the dust.
Dust is easy to see in pictures. My system for cleaning is paper towels
ripped in small pieces soaked with alcohol 50% blend.
When selling used items you must clean it properly. 


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