Small Business Basics Part 1 Starting

Part 1
Small Business Basics Starting

Starting a small business for some extra money.
Most of us could use a few extra dollars each week.
It’s actually quite easy to make some extra money.
Retired folks and people on a tight budget should
learn the steps to have a small business.
This series of Small business basics of starting a business will
you get started. I won’t cover everything only the basics
you’ll have to do your homework too.

So How Do You Start?
It’s as easy as selling something. Everyone has sold an item to someone at some time.
Running a small business is the same thing just a few more sales each week.
As you start selling you’ll also start to streamline your operation.
I’ll explain more on scaling up your business later on.

First things needed
– Decide what you’ll be doing; selling items or offering a service.
– Come up with a name for your business. While considering a business name
  think about the internet and a website to compliment the business.
  You should have the same business name as your website.
  I use to find names that are available.
– Next most important thing to do before you purchase the domain name
  is go too Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, ebay, etsy and any other marketing site
  and see if you can lock in the same name everywhere, this is very important.
– Declare your business with the state so you can get a tax ID number.
  You need a tax ID number to make purchases in the wholesale market.
  Items like boxes and bubble wrap and much more.
– Open a bank account in your business name so you can take checks.
  Don’t take the bank’s credit card processing system that will be expensive.
– Get a or Squareup account and link it to a checking account ASAP.
  That’s how you’ll process credit card payments and invoices online.
  Also you can send any customer an invoice using either company for payments.
  There are no extra monthly charges using either company just the cost of a
  transaction about .30cents  and a small percentage of the gross amount about 3%.
– Get some Business cards
– Start advertising and making money

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