Small Business Basics Part 1b; Making Product

Small Business Basic about Making Product
This subject is about you making your own product to sell.
I’m keeping this product section real small and simple because
if you’re an artist, craftsman or jewelry maker you already know
what you will be making.

Crafts ideas
This is a short talk about crafts because you probably already have lots of ideas.
For some insight on finding great ideas I suggest you look at Pinterest or
etsy.  Wood Working, soaps, jewelry, carving and many more ideas are there
for you to check out. Find something you like and put your own ideas into it.

Making Products
Manufacturing your own product line is a great idea.
I personally like making cribbage boards, birdhouse and signs.
To manufacture an item will require some space and tools.
If you have shed, garage or barn your biggest problem is solved.
The only thing left is to pick something to make.

My wife and I get to the Gatlinburg Tennessee area a couple times each year.
This place is noted for all the artist and crafts folks there.

There are lots of sign makers there also and I started really
looking at their operation. To my surprise they need very little room.
Many sign makers I watched worked in a space of maybe 6 x 12 feet.
These sign makers are always there every time we go to Gatlinburg. There must be
profit in making signs. I know that the rents for stick and brick places 
in Gatlingburg aren’t cheap. Most are not doing free hand sign making with wood they

are using CNC router tables. These are computer controlled routers to make the signs.
Once the computer cuts the sign they paint it.

Another sign maker uses a computer controlled laser burner and burns
the wood. These are CO2 lasers and they cost between $600 and $6000.00
to purchase. The laser device comes with software that allows you to design
the sign on your computer. Once you have the sign design you want on the
screen you burn it. These lasers are nice and fast.

Value added is next consideration.
This is where you take things that on their own wouldn’t make much money.
If you put it with other items and make it into a kit now you’ve added more value.
You can add value to almost anything and many people do just that.
An example would be a sign maker. They buy vinyl for the
lettering and hardboard to put the vinyl on to and make a sign.
The parts are worth little but after they are put together it’s worth much more.
If you are crafty or artistic you can do the same thing.
I put craft kits together and sell them;
clocks, bird houses and feeders etc.

Keep your manufacturing simple
If you are going to make an item keep it simple and don’t

start making too many different products. It’s better to focus on just 1 or 2
items and market that. I have seen craftsman making everything they
can think of and didn’t really make any money. They didn’t organize
there process to be efficient.

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