Sears files Bankruptcy , So Sad, no good managers!

Sears file Bankruptcy on the way out of business how sad.
As a young man I made most of my purchases at Sears. 
I bought most all my tools and appliances there. Now I just watch to see the
“Store Closing” sign and feel bad that no one in management could fix it.

In the last 20 plus years they never did anything in the retail business right.
No body in management could see the success of any competitive retailers.
They didn’t see Wal-Mart, Amazon, Harbor Freight or anything else.
They must have never hired any college graduates in the last 20 years because
they didn’t change one thing in there failing business.

How to kill a great business;
Anchor stores in expensive malls: wrong plan
Not competing online: wrong plan
Not competing with tool retail companies.
Buying Kmart and ruining that store too.

Sears had the name of every manufacturer in the world and didn’t manage it right.
They knew every company before Wal-Mart and Amazon!

Any good manager could have told them, lots of small stores.
Competitive product and pricing and move to online sales.
Lower prices on tools and match Harbor Freight.
They needed to be looking at Dollar General, Wal-Mart and Amazon for guidance.
It’s way to late for them I don’t think they can come back now.
So sad, they were the first national store. They had it all but they also had the worst managers.
I’ll bet there management teams shops at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Harbor Freight!

This is just my opinion and not very informed but I still think I’m right!

Information Resources; 
Shares in Sears Holdings Corp. were plummeting early Wednesday and continued to fall
Thursday as reports swirled around that they are preparing to file for bankruptcy.



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