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This is a posting for youtuber folks that we like and follow give them a watch.

Next Big Trip!
We are starting to plan our next trip in Mid July of 2018.
Our friend Larry from Fort Worth TX named it “The Rim Run”, I like that.
The plan is to head north to Wisconsin then across to Washington State.
Then south to northern California and back east. That should be another great trip.

June 2018
Oh my it’s hard to find the right van to buy and there is only a week left!
It turns out that vans are pretty pricey people are buying them up fast.
The hunt goes on but the prospects of success is looking bad.

The website rebuild is coming along nicely.
But what a big job it is to get it all back up and running properly.
It all started with me deciding to make videos. Then I got a notice that all website must
comply with the new standards of security. I was using http:// and now it has to be https://
looks easy enough to do but NO! I had to migrate the website to a new server that
included SSL certs. Once I purchased the server space I had to move the website there
from another server. Oh my, that took awhile and not everything went well.
This is were I’m at now, just trying to fix everything before we leave for our
3 month run to the north rim of America. The plan is Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana,
Idaho, Washington (maybe Alaska from there). Then onward to Oregon, California,
Nevada and then back to Utah and Yellow Stone before going to San Antonio.
We are planing to purchase a used cargo van and fix it up to make the trip.
With a van we figure we could do some stealth camping and it would be easier
to camp on BLM land. We’ll see soon because we are leaving mid July 2018.

We this month is more cleanup in Florida and  work on our websites.
I can’t believe how much rain we are getting and how fast the grass is growing!
The Frugal Way website has become a huge monster to work on.
All search engines are giving warning to people that visit website that don’t have
good security on them. That is a good thing but for the website owner to get
all the certifications is a lot of work. I had to move the whole website to a new
server (GoDaddy) then reinstall everything, then update all the details, it took
over a week to accomplish. The site is now up and running properly with all its
certs (SSL) in place. It’s like a new start to a very big project but now I’m encouraged
to  push on.

May 2018

Oh boy! we spent ten days in Elkmont and Gatlinburg TN in the rain!
Everyday it rained and my solar panels, all 3 didn’t work well.
But we did meet some interesting folks that gave up lots of new ideas
for stops in Georgia. John Tanner State Park is now on our list of places to
stay on the west side of Georgia. Also talk with Sandy from Hadleigh FL a
very independent world traveler, she gave us encouragement to go more places.
And yes we finally saw a bear!

This month I started to work on the YouTube channel and posting videos.
It took time to organize all the video we took on our trip west last year.
Also I did a lot of work on the house and yard, so much work.
Next week we’ll be heading up to Gatlinburg TN so see friends and relax.
Plus I get a chance to test some of my new additions to Camper 2. Stay tune!

I decide to add another solar panel (100Watt) to the roof, now there are 2.
That doubled my power to the batteries and might work better on cloudy
rain days.

Karen spent time crafting some now shades for the camper inspired by
Beth Blaisdell.

April 2018
Where did it go!

Feb 2018

This is a picture form the block party at Honeymoon Mobile Home Park.
Jane and me singing! Great block party.

Beth told us about a drum circle at Fort Island Beach near Crystal River, FL.
The weather was perfect for a drum circle so we went. What a great time we all had.
Karen even found a drum to bang on!

It has started to warm up some and we finally got to get out and about.
We went the Manatee State Park Reserve in Homosassa Springs FL.
This is a place where animals that can’t live in the wild go and we get to see them.
The animals there are in great shape all things considered and if you get a chance to
drop in you should.

Beth Blaisdell is our Maine friend we met at Village Pines.
She winters here in Florida and goes back up to Maine to work the summers.
This is her place in paradise. She made it her’s in every way!