Redwoods are very tall and wide 9/2018

Sept 16th 2018
California Redwoods at the Redwood National Park.
Wow these trees are very tall and wide. One root can have five or six huge trees growing
from it!  We walked around the park and saw many Redwoods and couldn’t believe how
big there actually are, giants! I wonder if these trees could grow in the east?

We stayed at Elks Prairie Campground just off route 101 in the National Park.
They told us that in the evening we might see elks out in the field.
So around 6:30 pm we walked out to see but no one told the elks.
They didn’t show up. So we walked back to the campsite.
As we approached the site the folks next to us called us over.
Sure enough there was one of the biggest bull elks I ever saw.
It was eating leaves right in front of us. This made our day see the elk.

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