Rechargeable Batteries Save Money

Buying regular batteries for most things is a waste of money.
You should always use rechargeable batteries and save money whenever you can. Rechargeable batteries can be recharged and used hundreds of times.
Regular batteries can’t be recharged. You’ll get all your investment money back by the 3rd or 4th recharge.

Battery chargers are also very important. Buying the right charger will save you batteries. Rechargeable batteries won’t last as long if they get too hot.
The fast 30-minute chargers you see for sale will cause the batteries to overheat. The systems that work slowly over night are best. Use a slow charge system and your batteries will last a very long time.
Tenergy 16 Bank AA, AAA battery charger

Not all rechargeable batteries are equal, some will last longer than others.
Also the amount you pay for a rechargeable battery doesn’t mean you’re getting a better battery.  One thing I do with my rechargeable batteries is mark the date purchased on them. That helps me decide when they should be disposed of. Another important thing to know about batteries, they should not go into regular trash. I bring my dead batteries to Lowe’s or Home Depot.

A short list of good rechargeable batteries;
Eneloop by Panasonic, 
Harbor Freights Thunderbolt are good batteries to buy.

Project Farm on YouTube does a nice comparison of rechargeable batteries. I suggest you watch his video you will be impressed.

Have you ever wondered about button battery. They all have different numbers on them but many are the same, Click Here to find out more about button batteries.

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