PassPort America and Save on Campsites

How to save money traveling with your RV              June 2018
PassPort America is how!    PassPort America Website
For just a few dollars a year you can save big time using PassPort America.
There is a large list of participating campgrounds across America.
The list is growing all the time. If any campgrounds are in the area you
are traveling in you should take advantage of 50% off!

What do you get
When you join the club they will mail you a book filled with
campgrounds to choose from. The book is laid out per state
and then broken down into smaller regions. The book is very
easy to use.

The App
They also have an app you can install in your phone.
This app might even be more handy when traveling.
Through the app you’ll be able to find participating campground
near you.

You Should always confirm
When using PassPort America you should always call the campgrounds
and confirm with them. Many campgrounds have conditions you
must meet to get 50% off. Some won’t honor the pass on weekends
or special event times. You have to read all the details to be sure.

We have used PassPort America a lot on our trips and we have saved
more than we paid to join the club. I believe if you are going to
travel around America it’s worth join this group.


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