Mini Camper 1
It’s now time to start building the new Mini Camper 3. The first two campers were great but they had problems. We did use those trailer for lots of traveling around America. When I started building these campers I knew nothing about building them. Each new camper incorporates the things I learned from the last build.

What I learned

As you build things you learn what works and what doesn’t but it takes time.

Camper 1 I used 1/4″ Laun Plywood on the inside and outside walls. I used marine grade polyurethane for the finish, it didn’t hold up to the elements. 

Camper 2 inside walls were 1/4″ Laun and the outside walls were 3/8″ exterior plywood. This time I painted the camper with house paint figuring that would hold up longer. The outside walls with the paint did last longer.
The problem was the inside of the walls. The windows were supposed to be waterproof but they weren’t. A little water leaked down inside the walls each time it rained. This water couldn’t get out and eventually started to rot the camper from inside the walls. I couldn’t see the problem before it was too late to fix it.

The New Camper 3 Build

This Camper 3 build should be much lighter than the first two build.
The plan is to frame the camper in the same way I did the first two.
Then on the outside walls I’m going to use 1/8″ Laun plywood because it’s so much lighter. Then the outside walls will be coated with wood glue resin that is water proof. To that outside wall will be attached canvas also coated in wood glue resin that is water proof. The final step on the outside wall will be to skim it with wall plaster. Then smooth the walls and paint them using house paint.

The inside of the outer walls will also be coated in water proof wood glue resin. Then I’m going to use 1-1/2″ Styrofoam insulation and finally the inside walls will be covered with burlap. The idea of the burlap is to let any water that may get inside have the ability to evaporate.  We will how all this works out soon. I will be making videos of the process so stay tuned.

Well the best laid plans often get side tracked. Covid-19 side track my plans to build camper 3.
We left Palm Harbor because of all the people there. Inglis has just a few folks so we are staying here
for now. Maybe if all goes well I might be able to start the build sometime in May or June. 

For now everyone needs to stay put and don’t mingle.