Mini Camper 2 Build

Mini Camper 2

This is the information on the mini camper 2 build.
The total time to build the camper was 8 weeks.

Camper 2 one year later report

After a year of using this camper this is a report on what happened so far. As mentioned in the past our trailer hitch part of the frame nearly broke off in Cortez Co. but lucky for me I noticed it. Drove it down to Farmington NM Elks lodge to do repairs. Everything worked out well and we were back on the road in about 4 days.

April 2017

Now it is time to consider solar power for the new mini camper.
We installed a 2.6 refrigerator in the camper and we want to run it on solar power. A person we met at the Green Swamp campground was running his refrigerator using solar so I knew it could be done. I started using one marine deep cycle batter and two smaller car batteries. I know these are not the best batteries but I wanted to see if anything would actually work.
We purchased two 100 watt solar panels and a solar panel controller.
Then two true sine wave inverters. One 500 watt to run the refrigerator and one 2000 watt for everything else. I wired the 500 watt inverter and one solar panel on the roof. Also wired in connectors on the bottom of the camper so we could connect the other panel anywhere we stop. The thoughts are one panel on the roof would give power to the batteries as we travel. The other panel could be connected anytime when we stop. Plus the other panel could be moved to a sunny location if needed. All this solar power stuff was complicated so I decided to write a totally separate piece just on this.

March 2017

Made a lot of progress on the new mini camper this month.
You can see more pictures of the build on Google; Click Here
From this;

Through this;

and finally;

This picture was taken at Green Swamp, Hampton Track in Florida.
It is our first time using the new camper!
Still not totally finished but now it is usable.

Video of trailer and floor build.

Feb 2017
Now I started actually building the new camper.
My plan is to make the outside dimensions 10 feet by 6 feet and about 5 feet high.
Started out putting the 2x4s for the floor laying down.
Added 2x2s 90 degrees to them to reach the 6 foot wide sides.

and finally the floor;

Jan 2017
Okay I’ve finally started working on the new trailer build.
I purchased the new trailer frame from Northern Tool, it is a 8 feet long and 5 feet wide trailer. This is the exact trailer I purchased from Northern tool; Click Here

It came with 12 inch tires that worked well on the first trailer but I saw 13 inch tires that would fit. So to change the tires was a little bit of work but in the end it worked out great. The price for 13 inch tires varied greatly from around $95 for one tire at Northern Tool to just over $100 for two tires threw Amazon! Click Here for Tire Info..

Here you can see the difference in the two tires.
12 vs 13 inch

Here you can see the modification I had to do to the fender.
Fender change

Finished install of new 13 inch tire.

(Sept 2016)
Now retired I have lots of time to consider new things that will make life easier, less costly and reduce my footprint on this earth. We enjoy traveling but don’t want to use a big truck to move a large camper. So I decided to try building a mini Camper Trailer! I bought a basic 8×4 foot trailer from Harbor Freight and got started. Everything went better than anticipated and it only took about 6 weeks to build. Not knowing what I was doing I really built the camper twice!
I have been using Pinterest to get ideas on small campers and have pictures there of our new mini Camper Trailer. Check out the Frugal Way Camper on

In Nov 2016 I’m planning to make another mini camper trailers. It will be similar to this one but a little bigger 10 x 6ft. The only real goal is simple, light weight and easy to tow with a small car, van or SUV. Also the doors are big enough that you can get in and out with banging your head and knees. Plus there will be a place in the back for a porta-potty, that Karen wants.
The camper will be 5 feet high so you don’t feel like your in a small box.
The new trailer will have only one screen doors and three windows.
I should have more pictures of the new campers shortly.

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