Mini Camper #1 info

Mini Camper #1

This is all the information about the first mini camper I built.
Now we have stayed in the mini camper for over 30 nights and we drove over 5000 miles
with it! Using the mini camper has given me ideas on the next trailer to be built in
next. We went to San Antonio TX in Dec. Here are some Pros;
– Very easy to pull, don’t even feel it behind me.
– Fits in the garage!
– Fits under our 13 foot awning.

– I can push or pull it into place.
– Carries everything we need.
– Dry inside when it rains.
– Air conditioner works great when it’s hot out.
– TV inside for entertainment.
– Only need the 12Volt battery for the most part.
– I got great gas mileage because of the low weight.

– Water leaked inside when we drove through rain storms.
( fixed this problem with two panels on the windows )
– Also the mattress also got wet in the rain while traveling.
(We sealed up the bottom of the door and that helped. )
– Also the plywood on the exterior was getting wet and delaminating.
(fixed this problem with a good paint to seal the wood. seams the
Marine Polyurethane didn’t work as planned.)
For the next build I’m using what I learned using this trailer to
improve the next camper. Things that I’m planning to change;
– Size will increase to 10 x 6 foot
– Only going to have one door and the door will be longer to address the leak problem.
– The bed will not be on the floor but on a bench style seat with storage under it.
– The beds will also be 7 feet long many people are over 6 feet tall!
– At the back of the trailer I’m going to put a port-a-potty (wife’s request)

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