Medical Billing is Over Priced

Medical Billing Over Priced
Medical Billing Over Priced

In 2019 I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and had to go for treatments. For more information about Prostate Cancer Click Here. At the end of the year I got an insurance company summary. This summary ended in December of 2019 the numbers show that medical billing is overpriced.

Medical Billing

For my treatments the insurance company was billed $89,481.66! There is no government over sight of this charge. Then the insurance company (United Healthcare) stepped in and actually paid these people $25,232.71. That is a difference of $64,248.95! If I didn’t have the insurance I would have been responsible for the whole full amount. The medical industry doesn’t really try to negotiate for a lower charge with a single individual. However they did negotiate with the insurance company. After that I was responsible for about $979.96.

Medical Insurance

Get medical insurance before you need it. is a great place to start looking for insurance. Though the GOP is trying hard to stop this medical insurance program they haven’t been able to so far.


If I didn’t have United Healthcare to fix the crazy medical billing fees I’d be in bankruptcy. Please understand that the doctors and nurses you see are not the people billing you. The folks that send you your billing statement are corporate people, the investors. The doctors and nurses work for these corporations.  Your doctor’s bill would probably be something you could afford to pay. The government protects us from overcharges from Credit Card Companies, Cable Companies, Utilities and more but not the medical industry.

Industry Stats sights;  “Causes for Bankruptcy
According to a study published in early 2005, 46 percent of bankruptcies were related to outstanding medical conditions. The major cited reasons in this category included injury or illness, medical expenses not covered by insurance or losing at least two weeks’ worth of work because of illness.”

The government offers good coverage at a reasonable price; If you can’t afford it they will supplement the payments for you. GET INSURANCE before you get sick.

Rick & Karen Mercier    Jan-28/2020

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