Making money using YouTube isn’t easy

Making money using YouTube videos isn’t easy
If you think you’re going to use your phone video camera and make videos to
get rich rethink it fast. It’s a lot of work to make a video if you’re going to do it right.
You first thing needed is a good video idea. Not all videos are worthy.
Then once you figure out a good video subject and you take some video recordings you’ll
have to edit it properly. That is going to require editing software and time. Time to figure
out how the software works and then to actually edit the video you recorded.
Then there is the cost of equipment. You might get a quick video using your phone but soon
you will realize that the video is jumpy and you’ll need a tripod or a Gimbal and on it goes.
For more information on Gimbals look into Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal.

Then if you get all the videoing stuff done and you create a channel you have to wait until
you reach a certain amount of views and subscribers.  Yes, there is a threshold that must be
reached before you have any chance of making money. You can find all the information on
YouTube <link here or click on “Creator Studio” then go to “Channel” and “Monetization”
This is on the paragraph for monitoring your channel;
Once a channel reaches 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months
and 1,000 subscribers it will be reviewed to join the program.

More Facts
If the watcher lets a 30 second ad run to fruition the You Tuber makes some money.
If the watcher clicks “Skip Ad” no money is made. My reading as of 2018 says that
when the video channel reaches the level for monetization than the payout is
approximately $1/per 100 views, I would take that number with a grain of salt.
Only the channel creator and YouTube know for sure.

How Much do Folks Make
There are websites that explain ways to make money using YouTube.
You can use a search engine to find these websites.

There are also websites you can go to that give you an insight as to how
much money some folk are making. Just know that only YouTube knows for sure.
The information is only an estimate. is one of these sites.

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