Macaroni and Cheese Spanish Style Cheap and Easy

Spanish Style Macaroni & Cheese delicious cheap and easy to make.
The first thing you must do is make the taco meat. It’s pretty much as you
would expect it to be made. I use 1lb of hamburger some onions and a
small amount of pepperoni! El Paso seasoning package is what I use most
of the time. Start out cooking the hamburger in just a little water, that
will help the hamburger to get down to little pieces. Continue to cook the
meat as you would normally then put it aside.

Next is macaroni and cheese and there are an infinite number of ways to
make this. You can make it from scratch or purchase it in the frozen food
isle or like me pickup some up at Walmart, Great Value box of macaroni and
cheese. Any way you choose to do it will be okay in the end.
Once you got the mac and cheese ready just put some of the taco meat
on top and enjoy.

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