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You listen to Donald Trump and you’ll hear about “He’s going to bring back jobs” and “Make America Great Again” well he doesn’t know the facts. First America is great and will be greater when he goes back to New York. Our government doesn’t work for the people of America it clearly works for rich white old guys. Someday it might change if people start paying attention and vote their personal interest.  The majority is favored in our constitution but right now it’s been hijacked by a few rich people. 

As for jobs and trade deals he doesn’t know the facts.

First is America is about 5% of the world market place. If we start closing off our country then others will cut us off.  Imagine if our business couldn’t import and export products to 95% of the world!

Everyone would like to see Americans make more money but a big part of the world lives in poverty. In a global market we will be competing with cheap labor. But don't forget automation will affect those people also.

Second, jobs are not coming back to America in any big way because of automation and computers. Businesses are putting into production lines robots and computers that eliminate jobs.  If you own a business and a computer robot can do the work cheaper than any person you could hirer you’ll use a robot. In the future the only jobs available for people will be in the services.

Safe jobs in the future might be;

Mechanics, Nurses, Repair jobs, Truck drivers, Cleaning jobs and jobs that just can’t be done by a machine.

Jobs that will might be going away;

Banking, Financial Advisors, Medical Doctors, Teachers, Programmers, Cashiers, Warehouse workers and more.

All these jobs are knowable based or repetitive and can be accomplished with a simple computer.

You better try to find a job that a computer can’t do.

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