How many RVs and campsites are in America?

How many RVs and campsites are in America    June 2018
I heard somewhere that more RVs are being sold every year.
That got me wondering how many RVs are in America?
Also how many campsites are available in America?
It is hard to find any answers to these questions.

Recreational Vehicle Industry Association
According to available information from Recreational Vehicle Industry Association;
539,900 RVs are going to be sold in 2018.
504,599 RVs were sold in 2017.
The rate of sales is increasing each year.
That’s over a million RVs, Campers; Pop ups, trailers, 5th wheels all of them, in 2 years!
Calculating the number of RVs sold since 1981 is 10,465.7 units!
This data was found on their website.
Not all are still on the road or in service but 10.5 million is a big number.
RVIA says there are about 9 million RVs on the road!

Wikipedia and Camping
According to Wikipedia, campgrounds in America  there are over 13,000 privately
owned RV parks and over 1,600 state parks. For an estimate of sites available let’s
assume the average campground has 200 RV sites. That would be equal to 2,920,000 sites.

There are about 130 National Campground in America. You can’t drive to all of them.
I haven’t found any data on the number of available site in the National Campgrounds.
If you make a few assumptions you get an inaccurate estimate. 
For argument we assume 150 sites per campground. Some will have more
some will have less. Multiply 130 x 150 that equals 19,500 campsites.
Maybe this is all wrong but again to put a number on it
let’s double it to 40,000 sites available.

Okay ad it all up and you have about 2.96 million campsites available.
That’s close to the same number of RVs sold in the last 2 years!!!!!!!

What if 25% of the RV owners this weekend plan to camp somewhere?
There would have to be around 2.5 million campsites to make everyone happy!

More Problems
Notice I didn’t count TENTS or Vans. How many people camp in these?

I’m glad we can boondock and stay on BLM land. In the future we will need
many more campgrounds to accommodate all the new RVs on the road.

Information Resources Campgrounds

Dr. Edward Mahoney of Michigan State University
He says there were about 124,865,541 site nights available in the USA  between Man and
August. That would be 4 months times 30 days equals 120 nights.
If he is talking about site nights I think that is the number of sites for 4 months.
Dividing that by 120 days you only get 1,040,546 sites on any day.

Lots of Google searches also.

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