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Exhaustion is setting in.  July 9
I’m at the point where I can’t watch anymore news on TV.
It is all about Trump and thank the stars above we are heading
into the mountains. There we don’t get any internet or news!

Woman, minorities are in trouble.  June 28
The next new justice for the Supreme Court is probably going to
turn back the hands of time for America. It will be similar to the
Taliban living in the 5 century, we’ll be living in the 1940s.
If you’re a older white guy with some money you’ll be super fine!
The only way it could change is if people vote Democratic and
I don’t think they will. Trumps core 35 million people are in control now.

San Antonio “Fitness in the park” program and it’s FREE!

San Antonio folks have a great health program offered by the city and guess what;
it’s cost you nothing to participate in it. The program is called “Fitness in the Park”
and you should take advantage of it. Why? Because….   for more click here
Also for folks in San Antonio is the BiblioTech digital Library, it’s FREE to residence of

San Antonio you should check it out. They offer all kinds of course you can enjoy
while sitting at home in an air conditioned room!
Submitted by; Krista Mercier

Learn to travel cheap series.
The best and frugal way to travel cheap is to make good plans. Don’t get into the
idea you have to stop at only KOAs on the way, think FRUGAL!
In Part 1 of Traveling Cheap series I talk about our frugal plan for traveling out west.
We joined some RV travel clubs PassPort America and Escapees to save some money.
The Elks Lodge was another important way for us to save money no our trip.
Read “Traveling Cheap Series” for more information on this subject.
Rick Mercier June 2018

Ely’s Mill is in Gatlinburg TN
At the end of the ride on Cherokee Orchid Rd you’ll see Ely’s Mill.
Ruth and Paul own the place and sells honey, jams and handcrafted
items all locally made.
They have a beautiful room for overnight stays that isn’t 
very expensive. Back in the day it was a hammer mill that was used to grind corn.
It has everything in it that you will need. Ely’s Mill link

This is my favorite Frugal Way video. The idea being if you can’t be frugal
with a paper towel how can you ever be frugal!

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