Glacier National Park Montana 8/4/18

Saturday 8/4/18
We left early in the morning from Hungry Horse Dam forest.
We thought there was no chance of getting a campsite in Glacier but we would try.
We were very close and got there before 9 am and went to Fishing Campground and
sure enough it was full. We drove down to Apgar and it was full also but we decided
to drive through the campground. 
We drove through the campground 2 times and thought
we got lucky. We found an empty site and put the camper into it and started to setup.
It didn’t take long to realize that the site was already booked!

We drove out and on the last loop, at the last campsite, we noticed the guy was getting ready to leave.
We asked him if he was leaving and he said “right now”. I backed up and pulled in right behind him.
We got super lucky and got a site on a Saturday!

We took the FREE shuttle up to Logan’s Pass and then walked up to Hidden Lake.
It was a long hike to the top of the mountains. We saw the beautiful lake, snow and goats.
On our way back down from Logan’s Pass we heard that there was a fire on the mountain.
We didn’t hear anything else until after we left the park. It turned out the fire was growing
and finally was out of control! Very bad news to hear.

We hung around the campground and relaxed and prepared to head for the Cascade Mountains.



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