Getting Healthy is it easy or hard?

Getting healthy, easy or hard?
I think it’s easy if you think about what it cost to ignore your health!
Some easy steps to better health are simple. You should stop smoking and
drinking alcohol. You might want to eat a little less and also eat better food.
Walking more is very important if you don’t want to use a wheelchair later.

If you overeat you’ll get fat and that will impact your future health and pocketbook.
Smoking and drinking are very costly also. The price you pay for these poisons are high.
Also consider what the medical costs are going to be later when you get sick.
The easiest thing to do is stay healthy by not partaking in those bad habits.

Next important thing to start doing is get yourself moving!
I mean move your feet and make your body work the way nature
intended it. It costs less to be healthy if you consider the price of being sick!
The benefit is your future health that makes the work worthwhile.

Little things to do that don’t take a lot of effort but will bring a good result.
– Only eat from a small bowl or plate of food, don’t overeat.
– Stay away from soda (the amount of sugar is poisonous).
– Maybe diet soda isn’t a lot better in the long run.
– Try to eat less starchy food because that is just another form of sugar!
– Only eat ice cream in a coffee cup or small dessert bowl
– Stay away from salty, oily foods; Chips! my favorite.

Don’t start a diet because most folks don’t stick to diets very long.
Better to eat everything you want but eat a lot less of it.

Don’t join a gym. Most people join and don’t go.
That is an expensive waste of money. Just go for short walks.
Park you car at the end of a parking lot and walk a little further to the store.

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