Geocaching it’s fun and cheap you get outdoors 2018-5

I’ll have lots more on geocaching very soon.
Karen and I have participated in this game for years.

Geocaching is lots of fun and cost very little to do.
You can do this hunt for treasures almost anywhere and you can
use a handheld GPS or use your cell phones GPS.
To use your phone you will have to down load the app from Google Play.
The app you want is Geocaching from Groundspeak inc. I believe it’s free.
If you want to get all the information on caches you’ll have to sign up on it’s free to join but it you want access to all caches it will
cost you $29 for the year. Cheap for the amount of fun you’ll get out of it.
What do you get out it you ask? It’s the thrill of the hunt and you’ll be
outdoors actually doing something.

There are a lot folks putting videos on YouTube about their geocaching that
you can watch and get a feel for it.   YouTube link 
Jenny’s from geocachespoilers on YouTube has written a lot about geocaching.
Jenny’s article on is a great informational piece to read.
Please give it a read and enjoy the fun.  Geocaching by Jenny

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